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CityGrid on the fragmentation of local

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

We have been in love with CityGrid’s business model and approach for some time. They are doing great work in building out a highly scalable business model which leverages the fragmentation of the local search space, rather than fighting against it.

CityGrid, for those who do not know already, allows local search publishers to get great local content and local targeted ads on their properties. They will even power your whole search solution. For advertisers, they act as a huge hyperlocal network composed of a useful blend of search engines, directories and a long tail of (hyper)vertical and (hyper)local sites and mobile apps. This means that the more local publishers come online, the more the value of the CityGrid model increases.

When asked recently why local search fragmentation seems to be accelerating, Jay Herratti, CityGrid Media’s CEO, said that APIs like Google’s Places or SimpleGeo are enabling more and more developers to build local search products. As these products are used to a greater and greater extent, developers will naturally looking for monetisation approaches — and CityGrid is waiting to greet them with open arms.




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