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InnerBalloons grows revenue by over 350%

Category: Monday, January 4th, 2010, 10:14 am offers a new standard in high-end, short-stay apartment rental in Amsterdam. They also offer a great variety of general information on what’s going on in the city.

BAA partnered up with InnerBalloons with the straightforward goal to generate more apartment rental revenue. Our consultants researched the online market for accommodation rentals and its user preferences and behaviours for online search in this area, and crafted out a customised strategy to attain BAAs conversional goal. Using a balanced combination of link building, affiliate management, content relevance optimisation, A/B testing and tuning of the search engine advertising campaigns, combined monthly organic and sponsored conversions more than tripled. By making some subtle tweaks in the SEA campaigns, InnerBalloons has been able to increase the click-through-rate from under 1% to over 7%, bringing a higher volume of more relevant traffic. Users can now access the site much more easily through search engines, and since the website’s content is now much more relevant and user-friendly, the enhanced traffic converted a lot better as well. This resulted in a revenue growth of 350% in just 4 months.  InnerBalloons continues to increase revenues whilst decreasing the average cost per conversion.

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