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Online consulting means that InnerBalloons helps companies that sell to small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), whether they be verticals, local search sites or Internet Yellow Pages (IYPs). We help verticals and niche local search sites move to pay-for-performance solutions, create the best content strategy for their needs or take their successful model to market in Europe. We attack core strategic issues such as monetization, usage and building stronger relationships with your advertisers to gain sustainable competitive advantages.

We help IYPs to verticalize: to move from a broad horizontal approach to an aggregation of profitable verticals. This typically means building out new heading specific approaches to business listings, editorial and user generated content, and to help them find the right functionality for the user journey in that vertical. InnerBalloons works end-to-end: starting from content acquisition and generation, working to find new systems or work with existing ones and helping our clients find the best way to surface content on their sites, or on new ones. We help them keep in mind both the competitive marketplace in their countries and the user needs for that vertical, to come up with choices that deliver value to both users and advertisers.




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