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Ruby on Rail programmer

We need a great Ruby on Rails developer. The first project will involve simple bug fixes and customisations to our Ruby on Rails based business identity dashboard (Ruby, Rails, rspec, Cucumber+Capybara, ActiveMerchant, Formtastic).  If this goes well, we will have long-term projects where you can contribute even more.
- ROR programming experience
- Excellent communication skills
- Commitment to Test Driven Development (TDD) or BDD
- Experience with Rspec (or other Unit Testing framework)
- Experience with Cucumber & Capybara (or other Integration Testing framework)
- Experience with Formtastic, Authlogic & Paperclip
- Experience and excellence in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
- Knowledge of SQL
- Knowledge of REST (what it means, how to build RESTful APIs)
- Knowledge of Git
- Experience using, integrating with, or developing a CRM system
- Experience using, integrating with, or developing local search applications
- Experience developing or integrating with MongoDB (or other NoSQL), Python and Xapian (or other open source search engine)-
In your application, please respond to the following:
1) Please summarize your skills with the tools and technology, ideally referencing open source contributions.
2) How many hours per week are you available?
3) Can you overlap with European time business hours for meetings when necessary?

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