Become the SME's trusted
advisor and online content hub

InnerBalloons helps you talk to the customers who really need your products, prepare your salespeople more efficiently for their conversations and helps your customers understand their online presence better and keep it up-to-date. InnerBalloons helps you sell better to SMEs and become their online content one-stop shop.

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Drive SME engagement and sell more effectively

In today's world, publishers and other companies selling to SMEs face a variety of challenges:

  • A growing online product portfolio to explain to your customers
  • A confusing and ever-fragmenting online media landscape
  • Your customer's expectation that you can talk to them about their specific online needs
  • And a need to sell smarter

Our InSights and NetworkProfile products help you, your salespeople and your customers simplify a fragmented online world.


  • From automated creation of rich profiles to matching and integration with many of our partners, InnerBalloons NetworkProfile does it all.

    Pieter Westerhuis, Product Director at DTG

  • NetworkProfile is the most successful new product we have launched in the past years. One in three of our existing customers chooses to buy it already.

    Erik Hoekstra, CEO of DTG

  • Working with InnerBalloons allowed us to launch our business listings proposition in just 4 months. In this way we were able to become the local market leader.

    Pieter Westerhuis, DTG Director of Profiles

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